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    Here’s the commission’s I’ve been working on over the month~!

    Thanks every one of you ahhh thanks to you peeps I can afford my glasses appointment~~ I love how these turned out and I hope you did too!! x]

    (If you commissioners want me to add any other names for your characters or your tumblr pages to the tags, please send me an ask)

  2. #102 - Morganite
    Fusion of: Pink Smithsonite and Honeycomb Opal
    Gem Type: Morganite
    Weapon(s): Twin Swords attached to Cloak
    Skills/Powers: Morganite uses levitation to control her swords movements, as she fights blind. Her levitation powers also allow her to float.
    Personality: Very protective and supportive and the type of person you go to when you need to talk out your problems!
    Other Images: X X
    Other Notes: Morganite is only 6’0”, making her a shorter gem fusion due to Smith and Honey’s small statures. She gains about 2-4 inches while floating.

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  3. Soul Symphony is back today!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Perched


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    Out of Key Updated!!

    Zoey is in for a long day. A long, terrible day.

  6. Two nervous gems who like to dance!

    My gemsona character Moldavite dancing with ciderqueen’s gemsona Lolite! Dancing is a fun way to make new friends, as cheesy as that sounds~

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    i hope you have a wonderful day ♪ (*´∇`*)

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    Super excited for Gemsona Week and my partner Moldavite (tubartist) is super cool! But it made me laugh seeing how big the height difference was between our gems haha!

    Ohhhh my goddddddd

    This is adorable~~~


  9. Soul Symphony will return on April 18th!


    Due to important college stuff, Soul Symphony will be returning next Friday, April 18th!

    I know that’s leaving things on a bit of a cliffhanger, but trust me, it’s way better than leaving it off on one of the next few pages.

    Just a reminder!

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    Hey everyone!

    It’s been about two years now since I’ve been able to go to an optometrist and as of late my vision has been getting more and more blurry! Normally I could just deal with it, but my Figure Drawing classes require I stand at arms length from my canvas for about 9 hours a week. Which, uh, means all I can see is basic shapes. Basic blurry shapes. And they’re getting blurrier.

    With 40 hours of school a week, sometimes more, commissions are my only way to earn money! So!!! If you’re looking for a speedy, inexpensive commission option, please consider me! I would greatly appreciate the support :)

    - I will draw anything! I can draw large groups! Backgrounds are extra depending on the complexity! To see more examples of my work, you can check my Doodles Tag or contact me for specific examples you can’t find!

    If interested, please contact me at SmithMKim@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!!

    I’m still open for commissions if you’re interested or know someone who would be! Also someone asked if just donations were okay, and yes they are— my paypal’s the same as my contact email if you prefer this option!

    Thank you everyone for reblogging and people who have commissioned me so far!!

    I’m just $50 away from affording replacement lenses!!

    Im going in for the appointment in about a week or two, so this will be the last time I reblog this post~ however, i always keep commissions open so if you can’t afford it now, please don’t hesitate to ask at a later time! :)

    Thanks everyone so far!!