1. Almost forgot to link to the new page of Soul Symphony!

    And with that, I have to begin getting ready for moving back to college. Updates will return on September 1st. Sorry for the cliffhanger, and thanks for your patience! See you then!

  2. Olivia chats with her friends on today’s Soul Symphony.

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  3. Our heroes talk amongst themselves on today’s Soul Symphony!

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  4. hopedoodles:

    Updating my commission info since I was able to get new lenses a couple months back (thanks again everyone!)

    I can’t hold a job while at Digipen, so commissions are my only income! I use the money for my internet bill and groceries.

    I’ll draw anything, including NSFW, large groups, furries, backgrounds etc.

    $15 applies only to a duo/couple drawing on the same canvas. Two separate characters would be $20. One small animal/prop (like Jade’s frog) has no additional cost, but any after that cost $2 each.

    There’s anywhere from a two day to one week turnaround period based on where you are in queue.

    If you’re interested in purchasing a commission, my Paypal and Contact Email is SmithMKim@gmail.com. Please contact me there for any additional questions! (No Tumblr asks, they get eaten)

    Reblogs are very much appreciated!

    Thank you so much!!

    This is a very good deal and Kim’s a very good artist!

  5. hopedoodles:

    I’m really proud of how they all turned out! 8)

    Individual pieces can be found here:

    Part 1: JanePart 2: RoxyPart 3: Rose, Part 4: Jade


  6. Presidentstuck

    Homestuck fan adventure where Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Reagan play SBURB as kids.

    Obama and Clinton are Prospit Dreamers, Bush and Reagan are Derse.

    They end up having to Scratch their session and end up meeting the new sessions’s players: kid-aged Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. They live in 2014 in an alternate timeline where they grew up studying about Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Reagan, 4 of the early US Presidents.

    Washington and Lincoln are Prospit, Jackson and Teddy are Derse.

    George H.W. Bush is the mysterious universal constant, being Bush’s Dad in the beta universe, but Washiongton’s Dad in the alpha universe.

    The 8 kids must put their differences aside to work together and save Paradox Space.

  7. Our heroes are reunited on today’s Soul Symphony!

    I just wanna say that I cannot be prouder with how these recent pages have been coming out. I’ve had a load of fun drawing them, and Kim’s colors take it to the next level.

    I’m just so happy! I feel like the art and story are finally where I want them, and this moment is what the comic has been leading up to. I’m so so excited for every page, and I hope you guys are enjoying it too!

  8. Olivia and Eric push through the crowds on today’s Soul Symphony.

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  9. hopedoodles:

    casey makes a lovely assistant

    The third part of my 4 piece homestuck set!

    Part 1: Jane

    Part 2: Roxy

    Part 3: Rose

    Part 4: ????