1. Someone tell the bunny monster to stop SCREAMING on today’s Soul Symphony. Geez!

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  2. Olivia from Soul Symphony

    Drawn to Shooting Star Summit from Paper Mario

  3. hopedoodles:

    lil baking babbies (they’re making cookies)

  4. John makes a flashy entrance on today’s Soul Symphony.

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  5. Things go boom on today’s Soul Symphony.

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  6. pianoscientist:

    The final song of Soul Symphony has appeared on my site, at long last! If you already bought the album, check your email for a download link, if not, well… maybe you should buy the album!

    And this marks the end of my major collaboration with the author of Soul Symphony, and it’s been a hell of a ride. This song is probably the one I’m most proud of, wrapping up all the various character themes into one six-minute long song. I had great fun writing it, all things told, and I’m glad things worked out the way they did.


    The final Soul Symphony track [simply titled “The Soul Symphony”] is here! 

    The track is a medley of many of the other character/series themes from Piano Scientist’s album. It’s meant to encompass Soul Symphony, and Olivia’s journey, as a whole. For me it also represents my journey personally making the comic over the years, haha.

    If you already bought the album, you should have received an email with a free download link! If not, feel free to check out the track or the album itself!

    Piano Scientist really hit it home with this one. Check it out!


  7. Welcome to new followers!

    Just wanted to say hey to any and all new followers!

    If you’re here from Connecticon: Hi! I had a great time and it was really fun drawing all those requests for all of you. I’m really flattered by how many people came by and it was really fun to chat and draw for people! I hope you like what you see here!

    If you’re here from recent fanart: Hello! I’ve had a lot of fun drawing the things I’ve been drawing lately [and making sure I give myself time to just draw stuff for fun like fanart.] It’s hard for me to say what I’ll be drawing fanart of next, but you can probably expect more Mother/Earthbound, webcomic stuff, and maybe cartoons like Danny Phantom and My Life as a Teenage Robot! We’ll see!

    Now, some links!

    My art tag!

    My webcomic, Soul Symphony!

    Again, welcome!

  8. Title: Idle

    Self-Portrait, and practice with pattern-making.

  9. A sneak peek of what I’ll be selling at Connecticon this weekend, Friday through Sunday!

    You can find me and voice actress Brittany Lauda tabling together at OMS-28, next to Sister Claire and Overclocked Remix!

    I’ll also be doing sketch commissions!

    Come by and say hi! I wanna meet you peeps!

  10. Face it, they’d be pretty unstoppable if they teamed up.