1. Eric gets a little optimistic for a second on today’s Soul Symphony!

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  3. Might be most excited to try out this handsome fella in Smash.

  4. Ashley sows the seeds of early onset carpal tunnel syndrome on today’s Soul Symphony.

    Soul Symphony is a fantasy comic about a high school student named Olivia who cures her peers of anxiety and depression by fighting monsters with music-based magic!

  5. tubartist:

    The Chosen Four, the Complete Set!

    You’re never too young to change the world.





    I also did a Mother 3 set!

  6. Full-size image here

    Title: Degeneration


  7. Dipper and Mabel Pines dressed as Ness and Paula.

    Mabel would be pretty, uh….excited about her new powers.

  8. Our heroes push forward on today’s Soul Symphony!

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  9. Don’t you love autumn?

  10. In case you missed it, the new Soul Symphony went up last night!

    Soul Symphony is a fantasy comic about an anti-social high school girl who saves her peers from depression and anxiety by battling with music-based magic!

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